Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Andrew Gomez IV

Bold ink illustrations by Andrew Gomez IV, California based artist and indie record label owner. I sent Andrew some questions regarding how he manages doing art and running his label Glory Kid

Interview after the jump

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well I am young, bastard son. Grew up drawing on the concrete slabs of Norwalk, CA. Now I am living the struggle only free-thinking artists can fathom. I run a independent record label called Glory Kid Limited and I also manage my own art career and design under the assume name "Endz and Penz".

What came first, your passion for music or your passion for art?
Definitely my passion for art. But music has always been a big contributor throughout my life. My father used to play guitar, very well actually. Converted our garage into a studio and the whole bit. All the while my mother saw my talent for drawing, so she pushed me to pursue that measure of my life. Seeing that I was shorter than the neighborhood kids. Wasn't good at sports. Pretty much had to perfect my craft.

How do you relate the two different forms of expression?
Well the two forms are basically two sides of the same coin. Like I said when I started out drawing music was all around me in the home. Naturally being the unpopular kid through the pains of growing up. School was another device that reaffirmed the formula to the average "punk rock" student. I dropped out my junior year of high school to work at a all ages punk venue called Showcase Theatre in Corona, CA. Going there four nights out of the week taught me that there was no lines that divide the music from the art. Its all an expression. Its just different avenues for lament.

How did the Glory Kid Label come about?
The label came about simply for the soul fact that I didn't want to have to answer to anyone or be confined when coming to the dealings and distribution of my artwork for me and my friends that I feel deserving of that support, but just didn't have the means of getting it out there. This label at times is a collective, a vessel, a battering ram to get what we want, when we want, what we want for work we painstakingly carved at, without a dark hand trying to profit of our merits.

What would you define as your aesthetic when it comes to your art and your music?
That's easy, you are your surroundings, mine was cracked sidewalks, graffiti-ridden freeway pillars/signs and etched out bus windows. Some people grow up with the "finer" light on them. My mother did the best for us where 2 Pac replaced Bach, street art nursed me for "fine art" and hardcore punk is a medium for the two. I like to take was I see in street art and fine art and stud my own breed. Gritty, lined out and unpredictable and complicated.

Do you have any tips for artists that specifically want to work with musicians?
Work with independent artists that are only creating for the fact to create something real. Not for profit, not for the brass ring. Nothing else really matters when you find that.

Do you have any tips for musicians looking for artists?
If you can't find a artist that understands your music or your vision, create your own!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Still poor, still wrecking the lines with the work me and friends move. The label still going strong with a thin, but defined roster. My art getting displayed other than the west coast. Showing blue bloods art can still have a pulse and be a threat than a commodity.

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